The SLEECO Wheel Handler is designed for servicing truck and trailer brakes and bearings to be used by companies and people where efficiency and safety is a must.

The SLEECO Wheel Handler is designed for 11R22.5 wheels or wheels of a similar diameter.

The Wheel Handler is very, very, very good!
Doug Whiting, Infrastructure Construction Supervisor, Shire of Lake Grace WA

The SLEECO Wheel Handler with its open front design can remove wheel assemblies as a wheel dolly, then converts to a Wheel Handler which can then rotate the wheels up to ninety degrees either side of vertical for servicing.

It’s Magic!
Greg Holly, Broomehill WA — Holly Bulk Haulage

An Instructional Video

This Wheel Handler is totally unique!

  • Australian patent number 2008905264
  • USA patent number 8,137,044
  • Other patents pending in Taiwan, Japan, PROC (China) Germany

The Wheel Handler in conjunction with the optional Hub Kit can remove heavy hub assemblies for servicing, and then refit them.

Download the SLEECO Wheel Handler Brochure