One person can easily remove and refit calipers from the axle to the floor or bench and then back to the axle.

  1. Remove calipers from any position on the rotor.
  2. Calipers are securely bolted to the caliper tool.
  3. Three caliper plates are supplied.

Simple, Safe & Efficient

For easy, fast and safe removal and refitting of heavy Air Disc Brake components.

  1. Remove calipers and rotor/hubs from the axle, place them on a bench or the floor, and then pick them back up again for refitting to the axle — fast and safe!
  2. Hold and rotate the rotor/hub for servicing if required.
  3. One person operation.
  4. Affordable, one tool carrier, with caliper and rotor/hub tools.

Download the SLEECO Disc Brake Dolly Brochure